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Forum for student expression since 1977

The Patriot Press

Forum for student expression since 1977

The Patriot Press

Senior Waivers Make the World Go Round

Kevin Ahrens November 26, 2012

During senior year, I have many things to be thankful for; off campus lunches, turning 18 and becoming an adult, and deciding on where I want to go for college. But, I am the most thankful for my senior...

Three cheers for administration

Zach Bunch November 20, 2012

Construction sucks. It’s no secret that the consensus among Liberty students is that construction has had a negative impact on school this year. The hallways are more crowded, parking spaces are much...

The perks of having wall art

Kalie Murphy November 20, 2012

School at times, can be dull. It can be boring. Time can creep by so slowly that a single minute feels like an eternity. However, I can be thankful that there will always be interesting posters, pictures...

The most interesting man in the world

Ollie Janders November 20, 2012

My freshman and junior year here at Liberty gave me the opportunity to what I see as one of the best teachers here at Liberty. Mark Buchli, physical science, chemistry and physics teacher, as well as a...

The few, the proud, the Patriots

Jalen Mano November 20, 2012

   There is no doubt that our current educational facilities at Liberty are less desirable than those at Skyline and Issaquah at the moment. There was never any question about how the quality and size...

Thanksgiving is a time for giving, not just food

Grant Rayfield November 20, 2012

To many people at Liberty, thanksgiving is a time of food and family, yet as we approach the holidays, some choose to spend their time honoring the spirit of generosity that also comes with the time of...

Thanks to the people behind the scenes

Sami Beers November 20, 2012

The lights go down, the sound comes up, the Curtin opens and onstage you see a carefully placed setting,  get the picture?  I'm describing a play, but none of that had anything to do with acting.  All...

Don’t thank the player, thank the coach

Rebekah Campbell November 20, 2012

The sports programs here at Liberty would not be able to exist without the players but most importantly, the coaches. Coaches don’t get the amount of thanks that they deserve whether it’s the time...

Janitorial Staff Sweeps away the Messes of Liberty

Jacob Johnston November 20, 2012

After lunch, as I am walking through the disgusting mountains of filth carelessly scattered around the halls by students, I wonder if humanity exists anymore. But then the next morning, as I walk into...

The Continuing Benefit of the Library, Despite Troubles

Galen Posch November 20, 2012

With construction and space restrictions, the library this year has fallen on difficult times. Yes, it’s about 1/4th the size it was last year, and we all know it has become the butt of certain jokes....

Thank you Mr. Bus Driver

KD Kerstetter November 20, 2012

   It takes a great deal of strength, patience, and will power to deal with an angsty teenager, but imagine having to deal with a bus full! We can be rude and obnoxious, especially when it has been a...

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