The perks of having wall art

Kalie Murphy

School at times, can be dull. It can be boring. Time can creep by so slowly that a single minute feels like an eternity. However, I can be thankful that there will always be interesting posters, pictures and miscellaneous items hanging on the wall to successfully divert attention. 

Take Mrs. Allen’s classroom for instance. Every holiday, different decorations come up. The shelves are covered with stuffed animals and various biology related paraphernalia. Last year in Biology, whenever the class was going over a topic that I was already comfortable with, I would find something new to catch my eye.

Other students recommend the quotes and past student work on the walls on Mr. Levels classroom; not to mention his entertaining slideshow of his children. The bizarre dinosaur and surfing pictures of Mr. Thruelson’s room have also been declared interesting ways to waste class time. 

However, in order to keep teachers from immediately ripping down the artworks that makes their classroom friendly and unique, let me say this. Not only are they distracting, they can be educational. Mr. Buchli’s walls are covered in scientific posters. Pictures of particles, periodic tables and nebulae can be informative as well as eye appealing. 

Maybe a teacher found a colorful poster to cover up an insulting mark some idiot scribbled on the wall. Maybe they truly enjoy making their classroom an informative and entertaining place to learn. Whatever the reason for the pictures coming to Liberty, one cannot argue that they make the school day much more bearable. For that, we should all be thankful.