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Boys Swim and Dive: Training as a Team

Paige Bajsarowicz, Staff Writer May 11, 2021

How, exactly, does one have a virtual swim meet? Is it possible to swim with a mask? Can a team that trains separately feel connected? This year, the Liberty Boys Swim and Dive team has faced each of these...

Swim workouts that you’ll actually do

Olivia Briggs, Sports Editor November 24, 2020

Sticking to a workout schedule is hard. Luckily for me, I get to swim in a pool every day. I zone out driving there, and once I get there, it would be a waste of gas and time not to just get in and get...

Boys swim and dive: a second family

Boys swim and dive: a second family

Elizabeth Yan, Staff Writer March 21, 2020

We all know that teamwork makes the dream work, but just how important are the connections between team members in order to succeed? Take senior Warren Briggs, for example, who has won countless awards...

The hype has returned: boys swim & dive

Emma Decasa, Staff Writer January 21, 2020

In the wise and inspirational words of Eminem, “If you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?” On the Liberty...

Girls swim and dive

Girls swim and dive

Kaitlyn Keyes, Sports Editor September 29, 2019

With a grand total of thirty-five new swimmers, the girls swim and dive team is much different from last year, but this increase in swimmers is not necessarily a bad thing. “It’s crazy,” senior...

Boys swim and dive: into the deep end

Nick Vanni, Staff Writer March 19, 2019

Into the water the swimmers dive, vessels of pure power rushing through the deep. Down under the water, their efficient push offs from the wall jet them out in front among a race of six young guys, their...

Bruce Vagt adds potential to an already strong swim team

Sylvie Cao, Sports Editor December 22, 2018

Typically, coaches have an idea of their team’s skills, either because players are returning or because they have had a conversation with incoming players before tryouts. This was not the case for Kris...

Liberty Sports Fall Season Recaps

Liberty Sports Fall Season Recaps

Margaret Baumgartner, Sports Editor December 18, 2018

Liberty’s lone diver Eleanor Brecht dives to state podium

Brooke Ury, Staff Writer November 21, 2018

The word “team” usually refers to a group, but Liberty’s dive team only refers to a single person: junior Eleanor Brecht. Despite the lack of other divers, Brecht remains confident and optimistic. “Going...

Swimmers commit to the pool

Swimmers commit to the pool

Mary Russell, Editor-in-chief October 25, 2018

Commitment is a familiar word to most athletes, but it takes on a whole new level in the pool. Unlike the common land sport, swimming requires a distinct facility: the athlete cannot train anywhere but...

Boys swim teams up with Mount Si

Matthew Rubenstein, Staff Writers December 15, 2017

In the water at Boehm pool, the swimmers of the Liberty and Mount Si boys swim teams do 100m sets under the direction of Liberty swim coach Kris Daughters. For the third year in a row, the Mount Si...

Will it be a four-peat for Girls Swim and Dive?

Brian Kim, Staff Writer December 6, 2017

  This year Liberty Girls Swim and Dive is taking on State with renewed vigor. The reason? This could be their chance to take home four state wins in a row. The team began its run of state championships...

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