Boys Swim and Dive: Training as a Team

Paige Bajsarowicz, Sports Editor

How, exactly, does one have a virtual swim meet? Is it possible to swim with a mask? Can a team that trains separately feel connected? This year, the Liberty Boys Swim and Dive team has faced each of these challenges and more.

Swim and dive athletes consider themselves a family. They train as a team, compete weekly, travel for meets, and create lasting connections. However, this year, the team has experienced a season like no other. Some of the most evident changes are the separation of athletes into two groups during practices, as well as the reduced number of athletes on the team. 

“One challenge the team is facing this season is simply the length. Trying to get people into good shape in four weeks is not an easy feat, but everyone has been working hard to make the best out of what we have,” senior swim captain Ian DeVogel said.

In comparison to other seasons, DeVogel emphasized the lack of competition this year.

“The pandemic has made this season significantly different from my previous seasons,” DeVogel said. “Not being able to compete against other teams in person has been an interesting experience to go through. Overall, I’m glad that we got any kind of a season at all, so I can’t really complain.”

On a different note, high school sports restrictions have forced Liberty Swim and Dive coach Kris Daughters to separate the team into two groups while training. Despite this division among the team, the athletes have remained optimistic.

“The team has had such an upbeat and positive attitude about the situation.” Swim and Dive coach Kris Daughters said. “They’ve been dealing with the changes really well and figuring out how they can train with the restrictions while also having a fun and unique season.”