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Staff Q & A: Opinion and Feature editors

Hannah Kim, Spotlight Editor November 24, 2020

Emma Decasa (11) Position: Feature Editor  Q: Why do you like journalism?  A: Journalism is a lot of things, but my favorite part of it all is the vibe of the class. It's easy to joke around...

Freshman Feature: Ava Wall

Elizabeth Yan, Online Editor November 24, 2020

Inspired by CBS News' "Everybody Has A Story" segment, in the Freshman Feature, we will use a random selection process to pick a freshman at Liberty to interview. Then, we find out their story and...

Mrs. King of equity

Gabrielle Parrish, Editor-in-chief November 24, 2020

“I don’t live life neutrally. It’s really hard for me not to care, and I believe the only way to commit to something is by committing fully,” English teacher Joan King said. Promoting equity...

Challenge accepted: Liberty students compete in programming contests

Gabrielle Parrish, Editor-in-chief November 24, 2020

T-minus 60 minutes and the software is almost complete. Fingers flying across the keyboard, senior Philip Vu is racing to finalize the app’s code. Senior Kathie Huang is making final edits to the...

Krish Bhaskara escapes reality with rock climbing

Dhwani Porecha, Online Editor November 24, 2020

  When we think of sports, we usually think of football, soccer, or baseball, but there are other sports that are less well-known but just as demanding. One such sport is rock climbing, which...

Humans of Liberty: Roarke Hufford (10)

Rachel Hines, Staff Writer November 24, 2020

“I’ve always had a good memory when it comes to random, useless facts. To me, knowing all the US presidents in order isn’t that difficult because I’ve had them memorized since I was very young....

Katie Harris finds comfort in creating characters

Rachel Hines, Staff Writer November 24, 2020

It’s 3 PM, and after a tiring day of online school, junior Katie Harris pulls out a pencil and some paper and begins to draw. As one line is drawn after the other, the sketch begins to take the shape...

Patience and paws-itivity

Hannah Kim, Spotlight Editor November 24, 2020

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and after hours of bathing, feeding, and preparing, sophomore Dawn Pachenker proudly shows off her American Bully, Moxy, to the judges at the United Kennel Club. Moxy waits...

From the classroom to Zoom: how teachers are adjusting to online learning

Naia Willemsen, Editor-in-chief October 9, 2020

Awkward breakout rooms, the struggles of eight classes in one day, the stress of trying to figure out Canvas—online school has brought its share of difficulties for students. But oftentimes, teachers...

Get to know the Patriot Press staff Q&A (EIC edition)

Hannah Kim, Spotlight Editor October 9, 2020

Naia Willemsen (12)  Position: Editor-in-Chief Q: Why do you like journalism?  A:  I like journalism because I like the community aspect; it's a class that I know I can enjoy coming to...

Q&A with Vice Principal Allison Ilgenfritz

Rachel Hines, Staff Writer October 9, 2020

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your background in education before coming to Liberty? A: I started working in education when I was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2004 to 2006. During these two years in...

Emma Mattson waltzes through life

Hannah Kim, Spotlight Editor October 9, 2020

Most days, when she’s not doing schoolwork,  you can expect to find sophomore Emma Mattson ballroom dancing.   A popular activity for recreation and competition, ballroom is a formal set of...

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