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Forum for student expression since 1977

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Forum for student expression since 1977

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Senior Cole Barger flies toward his pilot license

Katarzyna Nguyen, Spotlight Editor November 18, 2022
While many teens hope to get their driver’s license and first car, Liberty senior Cole Barger looked past the roads, believing instead that the sky was the limit.

Teacher by day, DoorDasher by night

Desi Arnaiz, Senior Writer November 18, 2022
Liberty’s very own Wes Benjamin drives his way around town with orders in hand as he delivers joy, food, and drinks on his way to school and on the weekends. 

Jacob Rowland scuba dives around the world: let’s dive in!

Kylie McGrath, Staff Writer November 18, 2022
While many can say that they have scuba-dived once or twice on their summer vacation trip to Hawaii, few can say they have taken the sport to another continent–let alone three.

Woffinden, the wondrous wizard

Emilie Duran, Staff Writer November 18, 2022
Air Force veteran. Computer genius. Corgi breeder. 

Keanuenuemaikalan Ortega-Misaengsay: Somewhere over the rainbow

Brigitte Potter, Staff Writer November 18, 2022
Sophomore Keanuenuemaikalan Ortega-Misaengsay, nicknamed Neela, has one of the longest names at Liberty with a total of 17 characters for her first name and 17 for characters for her last name. However, in Hawaiian culture, where her name originates, Keanuenuemaikalan doesn’t break any records.

Aditi Marehalli: carrying on an endangered language

Alexa Lim, Staff Writer November 18, 2022
Within the walls of one Liberty household, an indigenous language with only around 50,000 speakers worldwide is kept alive. 

Liberty students earn full-ride military scholarships for college

Eowyn Ream, Staff Writer October 21, 2022
As college costs rise, many students struggle to pay for their education–Liberty students included. To help with the cost of college, the US military offers a variety of scholarships.

Lin balances stripes and science

Kadence Ecker, Staff Writer October 21, 2022
For many, having one full-time job is plenty, but what about two? Whether it’s in the Liberty science lab or on an ice rink, Physics teacher Annette Lin keeps an exceedingly busy schedule.

Dixit digs congress

Nicole Treece, Editorial Board October 21, 2022
“We were coming out of the capitol building and Corey Booker, Carolyn Maloney, and Elizabeth Warren were standing, casually talking,” senior Anjali Dixit said.

Arnav Kolluru: stellar speller and history buff

Katarzyna Nguyen, Spotlight Editor October 21, 2022
Sweat coats the palms of then eighth grader Arnav Kolluru as he stands on the stage, the bright lights above nearly blinding him as a sea of parents and spectators watch him from below, while many more at home are watching him on television.

Senior side hustler: Leo Fan

Rachel Hoki, Senior Writer October 21, 2022
What does a BBC reporter, a suave French man, a firefighter, an Ethiopian intern, and a man who’s been held at gunpoint six times all have in common?

Beyond Limits is the name, dog shows are the game!

Katarzyna Nguyen, Spotlight Editor June 8, 2022
While she hasn’t gone to any national dog shows yet, junior Dawn Pachenker shows her dogs, all American Bullies, in dog shows across Washington. They started competing five years ago in 2017 after her dog had passed away.
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