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Girls tennis: the managers lead

Alex Diamond, Senior Writer

May 9, 2019

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Not surprising facts: soap tastes gross, birds can fly, and girls tennis is doing well this year. While it’s not a shock the team is performing well, what’s unique about this season are the surprising star players: senior managers Calvin and Colby Vuong and junior Dan Noble. While all three boys...

Tennis moves to a small team with big victories

Tennis moves to a small team with big victories

Kelly Jinguji, Editor-in-chief

April 9, 2019

Filed under Sports, Tennis

Change and transition are two words to describe Liberty girls tennis this year. With a team half the size of last year’s counterpart, a new coach, and key new players, the entirety of the tennis program has been flipped on its head—but ultimately, for the better. The roster dropped from last year’s...

Twins take on tennis

Sylvie Cao, Sports Editor

November 16, 2018

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There’s not many people in the school who can tell senior twins Calvin and Colby Vuong apart, and that’s something they try to play to their advantage on the tennis court. “Our skills kind of complement each other, because my groundstrokes are stronger than Colby’s, but he has better net game....

Tennis’s second shot at Districts proves successful

Tennis’s second shot at Districts proves successful

Bridget Ury, Photography Editor

November 30, 2017

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Despite initially facing some problems, boy’s tennis played well in the postseason with four players moving onto State in the spring. On the first try at Districts, the tournament players rode the bus all the way to Bellingham before being turned around due to rain and court conditions. A few days...

Boys tennis and boys golf swing into State after five month gap

Alex Hartford

June 2, 2017

Filed under Golf, Sports, Tennis

Sports schedules are usually pretty obvious. Preseason matches come first, followed by the regular season, and capped off with the championship right at the end. For boy’s golf and tennis, however, While other teams go off to their state matches in the fall, these two sports go back to the drawing...

Brotherly duos set standards for postseason

Mary Russell, Staff Writer

November 4, 2016

Filed under Sports, Tennis

Go to state. Place in state. Win state,” senior Ethan Le said. This statement encompasses the spirit and goals of the boys varsity tennis team this season. The team finished with an 8-4 record and continues to prepare for the postseason with brotherly vibes on and off of the court. “Working with...

Tennis brings home trophies after successful post season

Siri Christopherson, Sports Editor

June 7, 2016

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Men: Having sent five of the six athletes who played at districts in October to state on May 27 and 28, the men’s team proved their finesse by finishing a strong season with numbers at the state tournament at the University of Washington. One of the reasons behind such a standout season is Liberty’s...

A new wave of athletes transforms girls tennis

Sam Kelderman, Sports Editor

May 12, 2016

Filed under Sports, Tennis

With an undefeated 7-0 season so far, the tennis team, led by sophomore Grace Lee, freshman Luciana Sobrino, junior Sienna Rice, and junior Jyotsna Kuramkote has found immense success in their singles and developing doubles teams, becoming the best tennis team in school history. “My favorite memory...

Boys tennis season ends with a smash

Gabe Waldbaum, Staff Writer

December 1, 2015

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The varsity boys tennis team finished its post season by winning District Three and sending five people to the state tournament. While the team had a great post season, their regular season also finished strong. The varsity team finished with five wins and seven losses. “In my four years of experience...

2A serves boys tennis well

Valerie Adams, Staff Writer

October 19, 2015

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Last year, Liberty switched to being a 2A school which helped the boys tennis team with their performance. Their success can be seen as they play other 2A schools, such as Sammamish. On Tuesday September 23, the varsity team beat Sammamish High School 7-0. “It really does help to be in 2A,” senior...

Womens tennis laughs its way to success

Gabby Messina, Staff Writer

June 2, 2015

Filed under Sports, Tennis

“The Thief” smashes a serve over the net. “C-sizzle” meets an opponent’s challenge as she hits the ball right back at them. “Messed up D” hits a drop shot just over the net. While unfamiliar to most of the student body, to a member of the womens tennis team, these nicknames represent how...

Mens tennis team perseveres despite lack of courts

Mens tennis team perseveres despite lack of courts

Christine Chappelle, Photography Editor

October 22, 2014

Filed under Sports, Tennis

Although the school is almost finished, there is a distinctly empty space in the back parking lot where so-called Lake Liberty formed last year. The area was originally set aside for tennis courts, but as the season comes to a close, the mens tennis team still travels to Tibbetts Field in Issaquah every...

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