Girls tennis: the managers lead

Alex Diamond, Senior Writer

Not surprising facts: soap tastes gross, birds can fly, and girls tennis is doing well this year. While it’s not a shock the team is performing well, what’s unique about this season are the surprising star players: senior managers Calvin and Colby Vuong and junior Dan Noble.
While all three boys are known for their academic talents, they are also incredible tennis athletes, and all say managing the girls team has helped them take their game to a whole new level.
“Managing the team has helped me think about what to teach, what strategies to teach, and what to focus on. It has helped me to be more of a leader,” said Calvin Vuong.
In addition to becoming leaders with the varsity team, the managers have also changed to helping with the JV more than they have in years past.
“Since I’m the least experienced manager with regards to tennis skill, I spend most of my time with JV, rallying, feeding, operating the ball machine,” Noble said.
While Noble may be the least experienced, he credits recent improvement to managing the team and working with the varsity girls.
“Getting to rally with a varsity team has exponentially increased my power. Playing against opponents better than you is the best way to improve your game.”
While the team puts up a good showing every year, Liberty’s overall tennis game has definitely improved, with the team handily moving on to postseason. Especially significant, Liberty will be hosting the districts competition on May 10 and 11—a first for our school.
“Hosting districts is a really great way to show all the work the team has put in all season,” said Noble.