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Poetic Justice: The Artistic Experience

Tired of analyzing the classics in your English class? Having a hard time relating to old guys who lived 100 years ago? Well, we here at Backpage believe poetry is a misunderstood art (it’s not just a phase, Mom!) and have assembled our “Poetic Justice” collection to inspire the tender soul buried within every student. Next time you’re feeling down, just channel your angst into poetry, and your whiny ramblings could make it into the paper too!
April 21, 2019

Flab to fab: becoming an Instagram model

As my 186 Instagram followers can attest, social media is not exactly my thing. And judging by the me-sized dent that hasn’t faded from my couch in three weeks, neither is working out. However, after around three hours of late-night scrolling, I came upon social media star Alexis Ren’s Instagram page, including one post about her diet and workout plan. Determined to change my Cheeto-eating ways for at least a couple of days, I set out on a quest to become the next big Instagram model—or at least feel a little healthier.
December 22, 2018
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