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Indie-pendence: Logan Manning’s “California”

Lili Harris, Beat Editor

October 13, 2019

When you think of high school musicians, you probably think either of band kids or the enduring “SoundCloud rapper” stereotype. Senior Logan Manning is neither of these, and yet, he got a song released on Apple Music. Called “California,” the song is reminiscent of early Ed Sheeran (think “The...

Study harder, better, faster, and stronger

Lili Harris, Beat Editor

October 12, 2019

Studying is, more often than not, a fairly boring task despite its importance. Most people like to listen to something while studying, but not every piece of media is created equal—it’s common knowledge that listening to podcasts or something with lyrics are significantly more distracting than instrumental music. Therefore, here are the Beat’s four best genres for studying:

Battle of the Bands was cancelled… and it’s your fault

June 7, 2019

Here’s a riddle: five bands signed up to audition, yet none did. What event was canceled? As you probably guessed from reading the headline and not going to the event on May 17th, Battle of the Bands was canceled this year due to a lack of interest. “It’s a shame, because students don’t get many opp...

Your music taste, your choice

Krista Kroiss, Beat Editor

May 16, 2019

If you ever see me sitting in the corner with my headphones in, I’m probably listening to classic rock. I’ve found my heart drawn to the distorted guitar of Led Zeppelin and the soulful harmonies of Queen. But recently I’ve started expanding out to genres such as jazz and blues, and finding the...

Jonas Brothers: then vs. now

Lilianne Harris, Staff Writer

April 10, 2019

Kyler Granados: the only non-band kid in Jazz Band

Krista Kroiss, Beat Editor

April 9, 2019

Currently, junior Kyler Granados plays piano and percussion in Liberty’s Jazz Band. However, unlike his classmates, Granados has spend has spent his years at Liberty in Liberty Singers and Jazz Choir—not band.

Bohemian Rhapsody: a film with many flaws

Krista Kroiss, Beat Editor

December 23, 2018

After the limitless commercials end and the lights go out, the first thing you see is Freddie Mercury navigating his way to the stage at the historic Live Aid concert, the roar of the audience in the background. This is where I get the chills. Bohemian Rhapsody is based on the true story of Queen,...

From quintet to Carnegie Hall

Daniel Noble, Staff Writer

December 22, 2018

Five students are barely enough to man a barbershop quartet, but that is what choir director Robin Wood had when she first arrived at Liberty. Knowing she had to build the program from the ground up, she pushed for public awareness of choir in order for music to become something for the common person...

Backstreet Boys: then vs. now

Krista Kroiss, Beat Editor

December 22, 2018

The Backstreet Boys: they’re back again! The vocal group has been around for 25 years and seen a variety of styles. With a new single just released and a new album on the way, fans ask themselves: how have the Backstreet Boys evolved? To find out, let’s compare “Everybody(Backstreet’s Back)” (1997) and “Chances” (2018).

Young artists: the challenges behind the music

Krista Kroiss, Beat Editor

November 13, 2018

For musicians, it’s easy enough to cover other people’s songs. Even if the song is challenging, the chord progression and the lyrics already exist. Creating these chord progressions, however, is a very different story. Junior Kyler Granados, frontman for his band Another, can testify to this. “We’ve...

Editor’s Pick

Mary Russell, Editor-in-chief

November 13, 2018

As a swimmer, I thought that I had a lot of experience with chlorine, but Twenty One Pilots’ new album Trench gave me a whole new perspective. This album features popular songs such as “Chlorine,” “Jumpsuit,” and “Morph.” Lead singer Tyler Joseph maintains a chill, authentic tone throughout...

Halle Abel inspires a musical lifestyle

Mary Russell, Editor-in-chief

November 13, 2018

Most people have a preference when it comes to music genres, but senior Halle Abel has none. “I love blues, I love soul, I love alternative, country. I love it all,” Abel said. Abel is not only an avid music listener; she is an active participant. She has been taking piano lessons for 11 years,...

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