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Forum for student expression since 1977

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Forum for student expression since 1977

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“Switched on Pop”: a sophisticated musical seminar

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor May 12, 2022
Ever wonder why new Christmas songs fail? Or why the Beatles have four official versions of “Let It Be” recorded? Or perhaps why “ABBA just hits different”? 

Rock the computer labs

Aurora Bryan, Editorial Board Member May 12, 2022
Whenever you traverse down the computer science hallway, it’s inevitable: your ears will be blessed by whatever music Mr. Woffinden and Mr. Hood have deemed appropriate for the vibe of the day. From Nicki Minaj to the Kid Laroi, Imagine Dragons, and Mariah Carey, any genre or artist is possible.

Top songs of our childhood

Mishaal Khan, Staff Writer March 25, 2022
Baby by Justin Bieber

“Laurel Hell” or Highwater

Dhwani Porecha, Editorial Board Member March 25, 2022
Mitski’s sixth album, “Laurel Hell,” is an indie-pop record that addresses her tumultuous relationship with her career.

Choir: a student perspective

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor March 25, 2022
Q: What is the most exciting thing about choir to you?

Enhypen: the dimension of answers or dilemmas?

Elizabeth Yan, Editorial Board Member February 4, 2022
Dimension : Answer. World-renowned boy group Enhypen’s second album since their debut in November of 2020. What makes it so special? Let’s analyze.

What are teachers’ favorite genres and songs?

Katarzyna Nguyen, Spotlight Editor February 4, 2022

Mr. Matheny “My favorite genre of music is probably near hip-hop or country songs with a Southern vibe. My favorite song at the moment has got to be Waxahatchee’s “Can’t Do Much” because...

Spotify Wrapped

February 4, 2022

A bad workman always blames his tools- it is not Spotify’s fault that your top artists are Ed Sheeran and Drake, you’re the one who listened to them Actions speak louder than words- if your...

Underground Artists as recommended by Liberty

Olivia Briggs, Editorial Board Member February 4, 2022
As recommended by you all, here are six underground artists deserving of some recognition, and a place in the Beat section.

Believe what I say: Donda will make you come to life

October 29, 2021
After 401 days consisting of twitter rants, a bizarre presidential run, the creation of Yeezy Gap, and a million changes to the release date of his album, Kanye West finally relinquished his tenth studio album “Donda” to the hands of his patient fans on August 29, 2021. 

A new voice in the choir room

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor October 29, 2021
Following years of sharing his musical talents through Broadway performances and opera concerts, Liberty choir and guitar teacher Erick Price has decided to share them with Liberty High School as well. 

How much music is left in music class?

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor June 11, 2021
The line is thin between music and din. It was difficult enough to organize sounds into music when school was normal; it got more difficult over Zoom. 
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