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Forum for student expression since 1977

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Plan your perfect Liberty year and I’ll reveal your unique halloween costume

Millions of costume options, which creature will you embody???

Question 1: 


What time are you setting your alarm on Monday morning?


  1. 6:00am 
  2. 7:15am
  3. 6:30am
  4. 4:10am 


Question 2:


Who’s your math teacher?


  1. (Photo of Kruzich) – Kruzich
  2. (Photo of Flowers) – Flowers
  3. (Photo of Duggan) – Duggan
  4. (Photo of Froeber) – Froeber


Question 3:


What’s your seventh period elective?


  1. Art – My stick figures need improving
  2. Drama – People already say I’m dramatic
  3. Creative Writing – Chat GPT still works, right?
  4. PE – Gotta keep up the physique!!


Question 4:


What are you doing in flex? 


  1. Making up a test I missed; I studied yesterday in homeroom.
  2. Taking a quick nap. I have mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes open.
  3. Driving home! I can’t stand to be here any moment longer.
  4. Do you mean my daily hour of muscle flexing?


Question 5:


Which club are you joining?


  1. Model UN – If I’m going to become a delegate for third world countries, I have to start now
  2. Astronomy Club – I’ll be able to get my horoscope and they’ll help me identify my zodiac sign!
  3. Key Club – I want to help the community (aka I need community service hours)
  4. Clubs? What clubs? I play three different sports!


Question 6:


Finally, how are you spending Friday night?


  1. Studying for my AP tests in May. It’s never too early to start preparing!
  2. Sleeping. Just sleeping.
  3. Watching a movie on my phone.
  4. I’m going to be winning Fan of the Game at the football game! GO LIB!!




Mostly 1’s:

Vampire Mermaid! You are very school-oriented and take little time for yourself. Thanks to the amount of time you spend indoors, you have developed a sun allergy just like vampires and prefer to spend the majority of your time studying inside. You have huge aspirations and at this rate, the work you’re doing should put you on the path to success. Just remember to take a break sometimes and enjoy being part of this world. 


Mostly 2’s: 

Clown Witch! What an eccentric personality! Your quirky style and unique habits make you a very interesting person to befriend and hang out with. Anytime you aren’t reading tarot cards or making balloon animals, you can be found sound asleep anywhere anytime. It’s your very own magic trick! Although you like to spend a lot of your time hanging out with your coven, it’s important to branch out and find your own circus and monkeys.


Mostly 3’s: 

Fox Fairy! You have the magic touch. Whether it’s leaving school early, or getting out of assignments, you have a knack for figuring out how little you can do to still accomplish your goals. The street-smarts you’ve picked up from your many life experiences will treat you well. Maybe try to apply these smarts to your school work a little more, and everyone will be wondering what the fox said to be so successful. 


Mostly 4’s: 

Chicken Pirate! You are the life of the party! With your crew behind you, there’s nothing you won’t do (no matter how stupid it is). Your excess of muscles makes up for the lack of content between your ears and with a big family back home in your coop, you’ve learned how to work with other people and make sure your voice is heard. You do your best to balance everything, just make sure to take a quiet moment for yourself every now and again. 

About the Contributor
Maiya Lester
Maiya Lester, Backpage Editor
Maiya Lester is a junior at Liberty High School and backpage co-editor for the Patriot Press. She plays on the Liberty volleyball and tennis team and is the vice president of the Students for Change club.