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Forum for student expression since 1977

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Heartstopper: redefining queer representation in the media

Samantha Klein, Entertainment Editor June 2, 2022
The Netflix sensation Heartstoppper is the wholesome young adult queer romance we all deserved. Based on the bestselling webcomic turned graphic novel by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper spotlights two teenage boys, Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, falling in love while navigating the complications that come with being in an openly queer relationship in high school.

Class advice

Emily Allard, Staff Writer June 2, 2022
As we prepare to move up into our new grade levels, it’s time to start thinking about our new roles here at school. Here is some heartfelt advice for incoming seniors, juniors, and sophomores!

Summer reading recommendations

Jamison Murillo, Staff Writer June 2, 2022
Summer reading is never fun. Between assignments such as 1984 and Outliers, reading in the summer is not as peaceful and relaxing as it sounds. But which books are fun to read in the summer? Which books capture summer vibes?

Look out for The Patriot Presstaurant

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor May 16, 2022
DECA has the Patriot Pantry, culinary has L’Café, why stop there? Now introducing to Liberty High School, the Patriot Presstaurant!

Introducing: THE ICKYS

Amira Turner, Backpage Editor May 16, 2022
We spend millions of dollars to praise our favorite media moments, but what about the worst of the worst? What about the things that unite all people through unadulterated hatred and loathing? I introduce to you, The Ickys, the awards where we celebrate the things no one else will.

A review on Pixar’s latest experimental film: “Turning Red”

Vincent Le, Entertainment Editor May 12, 2022
Pixar has never done anything like they have in their newest installment, “Turning Red”. The film illustrates the story of Chinese-Canadian thirteen-year-old Meilin Lee who, when overwhelmed with emotion, transfigures into a colossal, fluffy red panda.

Last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Emily Allard, Staff Writer May 12, 2022
Mother’s Day is just two days away now, and I think it’s safe to say that a good deal of us have forgotten about it.

A new way to sashay into prom

Mishaal Khan and May 12, 2022
First of all, you should definitely wear a big, furry yeti suit. It’ll make everyone drool over your luscious fuzzy curls. Who doesn’t want to dance with a yeti?

“Bridgerton”: Closing the gap for South Asian representation

Dhwani Porecha, Editorial Board Member May 12, 2022
How often have you watched a television show where you could identify yourself with a character—not on personality or likeness—but on culture, ethnicity, or representation?

Flex Time: How to pass it

Amira Turner, Backpage Editor March 25, 2022
What is flex time? Who knows, truly.

Is the critically-acclaimed TV show “Euphoria” dangerous or educational?

Vincent Le, Entertainment Editor March 25, 2022
“Euphoria” is one of the most popular, yet controversial, TV shows of our generation.

All that glitters is not gold

Amelia Nored, Editorial Board Member March 25, 2022
Drugs. Glitter. Sex. Parties.
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