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Forum for student expression since 1977

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Forum for student expression since 1977

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The only correct ranking of the DCOMs

Aurora Bryan, Editorial Board Member June 14, 2021
Here is the only correct ranking of the Disney Channel Original Movies.

10 teen books to read this summer

Dhwani Porecha, Editorial Board Member June 11, 2021
Attention bookworms or those who want to start reading but do not know where to start!

The Patriot Press Summer Playlist

Vincent Le, Entertainment Editor June 11, 2021
Believe it or not, this strange, unprecedented school year is coming to an end—in one week, to be exact!

Sugar and cornflakes: making Robert Pattinson’s sickening pasta dish

Allison Stucky, Entertainment Editor June 4, 2021

Last issue of the Patriot Press, Robert Pattinson received the award for Famous Person of the Year. He earned this honor not only for his acting accomplishments, but for his bizarre personal conquests....

Zodiac signs and teaching: a totally scientific study (not)

Serena Sherwood, Editorial Board Member May 11, 2021
Zodiac signs have always been blamed for everything good and bad about life.

The Patriots

Allison Stucky, Entertainment Editor May 11, 2021
Every year, The Hollywood Foreign Press awards Oscars to the best movies and performances.

6 things to do with your friends this summer

Elizabeth Yan, Editorial Board Member May 11, 2021
We lost a whole summer to Covid-19 last year, and as social distancing restrictions begin to loosen with the arrival of summer break, it’s the perfect time to hang out with your friends after months of not seeing them. Here are six ideas that are sure to make your summer packed with fun!

From book to box office: What makes a good book-to-film adaptation?

Ella Williamson, Staff Writer May 11, 2021
When you read a book, it's one thing to imagine everything in your head, but it’s another to see your favorite stories come to life on-screen. This is why book-to-film adaptations are so popular: they allow readers to re-experience their favorite stories and give non-readers a chance to realize why they should’ve read the book in the first place. 

Miracle berries: putting the “miraculin” in miraculous

Gabrielle Parrish, Sports Editor May 7, 2021
Online research did little to overcome my incredulity. It’s one thing to read about something, but quite another to actually experience it firsthand. 

A saucy scoop on sauces

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor March 19, 2021
They say the eyes are the windows into the soul, but that isn’t true—your favorite sauce is. Keep reading to find out what your choice of condiment says about you.

A dive into the complex hierarchy of bottled water brands

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor March 19, 2021
If you are alive and drink water, this article is for you! 

The Best Pixar Movies of All Time

Rachel Hines, Feature Editor March 19, 2021
As we get into second semester, it's easy to begin to feel drained. But what better way to reignite your drive to work hard and follow your dreams than by watching some childhood classics?
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