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Liberty’s AP art show shines spotlight on student talent

Sunlight shines into Liberty’s AP Art classroom, illuminating the talented artists painting, sketching, and working diligently. While some students experiment with various mediums like acrylics and watercolor, others seek peer and teacher feedback, striving to create the best art pieces they possibly can in preparation for their final pieces to finally be shared with others.

On Thursday, May 2, AP Art and Art 3 students finally get to show their hard work at Liberty’s AP Art Show where various cardboard panels of art will be set up in the commons for people to come see and hear about the makings of the pieces. Since September, these students have been picking themes for a final art portfolio and making many pieces of art, ultimately choosing 15 for their final portfolio to show at the art show and submit to the College Board.

Similar to previous years, the art show will occur on the same night as the Spring Musical and the panels will be up for the entire weekend for people to see.

“One year I had a conversation with Mr. Butterworth and we decided it would be cool to open up the art show and the play on the same night,” art teacher Annie Cooper said. “This year we’re opening the art show the second week of the musical, but I think we’re celebrating the arts by having theater and art together.”

The AP Art Show was first started in 2009 and after 25 years, Cooper still finds joy in watching each student advance on their artworks and gain more skill throughout the year.

“I always love watching them progress to become more complex artists throughout the year. They’re always thinking of what the next thing is, wondering what the next piece will look like, and understanding what colors to use to enforce the message they want to send in their piece,” Cooper said.

Seniors Hannah Martret and Rachel Hoff are participating in the show for their second year and they happen to be centering their portfolio around the same central theme – having a twin.

“I tend to base my pieces off of my personal experiences,” Martret said. “While being a twin isn’t always a unique experience, especially since Rachel is doing her portfolio on the same thing, the connection that each person has with their twin is incredibly different and I want to share my own story.”

For Hoff, her favorite part of the art show is being able to exhibit what she has been working on all year to her peers.

“I can finally show all my friends and family what I’ve been working towards all year and it’s really satisfying for them to see the full, finished portfolio,” Hoff said.

Ultimately, the art show not only allows students to show off their hard work from the year, but it uplifts Liberty’s art community and highlights a part of the school that might usually be overlooked.

“I think the art community at Liberty is somewhat understated,” Martret said. “The art show allows students to showcase the diverse ideas and pieces that go into Liberty art. I wish that the art program was more recognized because I believe it could play a more important role in the community.”

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Kathryn Langworthy
Kathryn Langworthy, Staff Writer
Kathryn Langworthy is a sophomore at Liberty High School and a staff writer for the Patriot Press. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, playing piano, and reorganizing her room.