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Liberty Patriots perform with passion

Getting up on a big stage in front of many people watching can be a daunting thing but for these four students it’s where they get their passion. Senior Elle Spahn, junior Charlie Newton, sophomore Aashna Sikka, and freshman Reece Barsness are all on different journeys to achieving their dreams and goals in theater.

Newton has taken her love for performing and channeled that energy to involvement in multiple events outside of school. “I am currently rehearsing in one of Village’s original musicals! It is called The Lonesome Writer and the performances are March 22nd-24th” Newton said. “I’ve also helped out at Kettleworks performing arts, which is a small children’s theater”

On top of that Newton attends Village Theaters institute program every monday where she dives into 5 hours of classes to help excel in acting, singing and dancing. “Acting constantly requires you to utilize all of your performance skills,” Newton explained. “Dance helps actors get in touch with their bodily awareness, which is crucial in acting. Singing practices diction and projection, which are extremely important in theater.”

Newton has been inspired by the supportive and loving environment of theater which has sparked her interest in becoming a theater teacher. “Dr. B has truly inspired me so much” Newton said. “He has created such a loving and supportive environment and I want to provide others with the same amazing education and support that I got, which truly inspired my love of theater.”

Sikka is kept busy being a part of a production through Youth Northwest Theater where she will be starring as Rapunzel and the stepmother in double cast of Into The Woods.  “Those rehearsals are from about 6:15 to 9:30. And then the rehearsals for the school show Anything Goes typically end around 5:30 So they don’t directly conflict but it’s still busy.”

Through her intense back to back schedule Sikka has found great value in learning how to manage her time. “Time management has been really big for me. I’ve learned how to multitask by getting my homework done during breaks and at the same time be engaged in collaborating with others.” Sikka can see herself utilizing the skills she’s acquired from theater and apply it in a future work setting. “Theater helps you develop strong public speaking skills and it helps you communicate with others in creative ways which are both important aspects of life”

Spahn has also discovered the benefits of theater in everyday life “Theater greatly helped me to become a better leader and public speaker” Spahn said. “It also helped me with time management, responsibility and being able to remember things.” The confidence she has found within herself from playing other characters has been a vital aspect for her personal development. “I’ve found confidence in being able to portray people more confident than myself.” Spahn said “I find that I can kind of rely on that confidence even when I am no longer that character.” Spahn has also found confidence through the supportive community of theater. Spahn plans to take her passion for theater into college after she graduates from high school this coming spring. “I am planning on getting a BFA in Musical Theatre and have already been accepted to several schools!”

Barsness has taken her talent for acting all the way to L.A where she participated in MTCA (musical theater competitions of America) and her monologue placed fourth of freshman! Barsness continues her love for acting outside of school. “I have taken some classes with Village Theatre and Fifth Avenue,” Barsness said. “I try to do as much as I can, like, audition around the Seattle area.” Barsness hopes to further her acting to do more screen based acting which she has been auditioning for. “I’m going to try and go more into  film acting, but I definitely still want to keep singing and dancing.”

All four of them have let their passion lead them in the direction of their dreams. “In my opinion, nothing feels better than a good performance,” Newton said. “It makes me feel better because I know that tons of people can do the math that I’m struggling with, but few people have the confidence to get up on stage and perform.”

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Lillian Antin
Lillian Antin, Staff Writer
Lillian is a staff writer and a junior at Liberty High school. She is the vice president of Liberty’s astronomy club and is involved in dance outside of school. In her free time she enjoys sewing, painting and reading.