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Tortured Poets Department breakdown

The release of Taylor Swift’s new album “The Tortured Poets Department” was highly anticipated by many of her listeners… including me. Through this album Taylor teaches her audience, many of them being teenage girls, that it’s ok to feel however you want. That you deserve to speak through your experiences. This album is so much more than a singer complaining about yet another breakup; its love, and all the good and bad that comes with it. It’s the human experience, all those little moments adding up to life-altering ones. Even if you’ve never experienced a breakup, I encourage you to give this album a listen.

The Black Dog: Coming from someone who owns a black dog, when this song was released, I was a bit nervous; would my lab be named the most hated person (or canine in this case I suppose) in the world next? Much to my relief, Joe Alwyn was bestowed that honor, and rightfully so. This song immediately stood out on this album due to the gorgeous, yet heart wrenching bridge. It’s so refreshing in a world of forgiveness to hear Taylor wish this man the worst, to want him to hear how much he hurt her.  

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived: If this song was ever released about me, I would accept my fate, move out of common society and live the rest of my sad life as a hermit. This song is exactly what the title hints at; the real, transparent grief that is felt when any sort of relationship ends. It’s near impossible to put how much this song means to me. From the first listen this song was an immediate favorite of mine, securing its spot in my top 10 Taylor songs. If you’re going to listen to any song on this album, I highly recommend this one.

Clara Bow: In this song Taylor mentions other ‘IT” girls, highlighting both Stevie Nicks, an American singer-songwriter best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac, as well as Clara Bow, an American actress who is best known for her roles playing flappers in silent films. Taylor has taken inspiration from these women in her own musical career. Taylor also delves into the idea that it’s extremely difficult for women to separate themselves from other female artists, with the opening line “You look like Clara Bow in this light.” After giving this song a listen, it’s easy to see how Taylor’s role models went through the same comparisons she did. 

Guilty as Sin?:This song differs from the more melancholy songs found in the rest of the album. But don’t let the upbeat bridge fool you. At it’s heart this song is the musical version of missing something you never had. From a lyrical standpoint I didn’t expect to love this song as much as I do, but Taylor’s vocals as well as the background music really make me choose this song, religiously.

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Eleanor Briggs
Eleanor Briggs, Staff Writer
Eleanor Briggs is a staff writer and junior at Liberty High School. In her free time, she enjoys listening to Taylor Swift, swimming and fueling her Red Bull addiction.