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Yearbook gags to use instead of HAGS

We have all seen- and probably written- the dreaded, typical yearbook response: Have a great summer! (HAGS). This generic response has no place in my yearbook this year, and no place in yours either. Try out some of these responses that you can write in yearbooks to make your message more fun and creative!

Dear Student, 

Having you in class this year was a struggle for both of us. I tried really hard to make sure you passed because I never want to have you as a student EVER AGAIN.

Dear _____, 

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I really enjoyed sitting next to you in biology this year only because you were an easy person to cheat off of. I don’t like you as a person, only as an answer key.

To ______,

You are my joy, my sunshine, and my entire will to live. Please marry me.

Say yes?

Dear ______,

I hate you. Like I actually cannot stand your presence for one more day, or I will spontaneously combust.

Thanks for nothing


I HAd to say That i rEallY enjOyed yoUr preSence this year. I hOpe we have Math and lUnCH together next year!


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed getting to know you this year. I really feel like we connected, and I want to continue hanging out with you. You light up a room when you enter it, and you make me feel loved and like I belong. Wait. Wrong person.


A   E I

T   N G

E   E N

     R A

      I  T

     C  U



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