Girls basketball graced with new leadership


Alex Diamond, Senior Writer

We’ve all heard the cliché of a great leader pulling the home team through adversity to win the championship, but what happens when that fearless leader isn’t there?
This is the struggle girls basketball faced when sophomore captain Devynn Warns tore her ACL, thus making her ineligible for the season. Last year’s Kingco Defensive Player of the Year, Warns was set to be a key asset on the court, but because of her injury, is finding different ways to contribute to the team.
“It’s kind of tough because she’s a really good player, but she’s been a really good captain and she’s basically like a second coach to all of us. She gives us really good advice and constructive criticism,” said freshman Alexis Conaway.
Conaway is one of two freshmen on the varsity team but believes age does not hold her back. Including Conaway, the team itself is young overall; of the thirteen varsity girls, over half are underclassmen. However, the girls view this as an advantage in disguise because such a young team means there’s always room to grow and improve together. Plus, it means the older leaders on the team are that much more valuable.
Including Warns supporting the team as a “second coach,” another standout leader this season has been junior Grace Moawad. Sharing captainship with Warns and senior Heaven Manning, Moawad has proved herself an asset to the team both on and off the court. Receiving multiple Player of the Game awards, Moawad is also dedicated to supporting her teammates, whether that’s through tough love or enthusiasm.
“Grace is like the mom of the team. She looks over everybody, makes sure everybody’s doing something right, and that we’re all doing good,” said Conaway.