Loud test takers testing our patience

Alex Diamond, Senior Writer

Deep breath in, deep breath out. You got this. This timed write has nothing on you. You’re sure you understand everything Bradbury is saying in Fahrenheit 451. All you have to do is focus. Which would be easy if only the guy next to you would stop tapping out a beat with his pen like he’s Ringo Starr. And the girl two rows ahead would quit popping her gum. And really, Mr. Level, is now the absolute best time to loudly shuffle quizzes at the back of the room? At least, that’s what you think he’s doing. Everything is so loud, he might as well be playing the kazoo and working a jackhammer. Loud people during tests and timed writes are the worst, especially since half of them don’t even realize how distracting they are. You look at the clock in a futile effort to ignore the tidal wave of sound around you. Yikes! Ten minutes have gone by and you don’t even have a thesis. Focus man! Power through and remember to bring earplugs next time.