The epic highs and lows of Liberty tennis

Nicole Treece, Spotlight Editor

The hot sun shone through the trees when sophomore Megan Le started her tennis match on March 18. She was set to compete against a ranked two senior (meaning they are second best in their team) at Issaquah High School. Despite the challenge, the girls stayed neck and neck and it could easily be anyone’s match. They were stalled at 4-4, each game ending in a tie after a fierce battle of back and forth. Even though the match had lasted over an hour, the whole team stayed to cheer from the sidelines.

“Hey Patriots, let’s hear your cry, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y” Le could hear her peers chanting through the difficult match. The game ended in 4-6, with Issaquah winning, but the whole team knows it’s not about winning or losing.

“The team dynamic is super supportive and we always try to stay motivated for each other,” varsity captain Charlotte Ury (10) said.

As many athletes know, playing a sport isn’t always fun. There are difficult practices and games that can be demoralizing.

Working through Covid has made the season even harder for the tennis team as they have had to practice in near 80-degree weather while wearing masks, making it easier for players to lose interest and become frustrated. Ury tries to combat this by making sure everyone takes breaks when they need it.

Whether the hot practices or hour-long games, Liberty tennis has shown true patriot pride through resilience and teamwork. 

“It’s been a weird season, but it’s definitely been a fun one,” Ury said.