Thanksgiving is a time for giving, not just food

Grant Rayfield

To many people at Liberty, thanksgiving is a time of food and family, yet as we approach the holidays, some choose to spend their time honoring the spirit of generosity that also comes with the time of year.  LHS Key Club is once again hosting their annual coat drive to help those in need throughout the area.

Though this is a national event that is supported by Kiwanis, the sponsoring organization of Key Club, they are still helping to make a difference in the lives of others through their contributions to this effort.  This spirit of generosity should be observed by all during this time, especially during the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.

For those of us who have known what it is like to be in difficult situations, or those lucky enough not to, we should all feel equal obligation to help others – we all deserve a chance at comfort, especially during the holiday season.  Winter may be a cold season, but simply by donating coats to others we not only warm them physically from the new coats they will have, but also through the knowledge that others care for them.

This holiday season, whether considering or able to donate to the Key Club coat drive, think about what you are doing to help those in need.