Janitorial Staff Sweeps away the Messes of Liberty

Jacob Johnston

After lunch, as I am walking through the disgusting mountains of filth carelessly scattered around the halls by students, I wonder if humanity exists anymore. But then the next morning, as I walk into school, a sensation of pure ecstasy washes over me.  Oh what glory to see clean hallways throughout the 500 building. It’s as if a triumphant crowd of angels are blowing a fanfare.

I am most thankful for the janitorial staff at Liberty. Their dedication and genuine care for the students and staff’s cleanliness is extremely admirable. I wish to say “Thank you” to them, since they have a very important duty to Liberty students and they rarely get thanked for it.

The Janitors clean throughout the school day. You may see them, but you usually only stare or quickly look away. I challenge you to face them and in their face say “Thank you. I appreciate everything that you do around this school”.

If you need any more convincing, the janitorial staff stay long hours after school to make sure the school is in tip top shape for the next day. They are this school’s invisible heroes, the watchful eyes and protectors of cleanliness and happiness for staff and students. We should appreciate them instead of taking their services for granted.