Senior Waivers Make the World Go Round

Kevin Ahrens

During senior year, I have many things to be thankful for; off campus lunches, turning 18 and becoming an adult, and deciding on where I want to go for college. But, I am the most thankful for my senior waivers first and second period. Because of these waivers, I am able to live a busy life while also staying well rested and refreshed.


I am currently enrolled in four AP classes and the homework load can sometimes seem unbearable. Having waivers allows me to challenge myself in school. Instead of going to electives full of busy work style homework, I am able to study for my hard classes, which has improved my grades in all classes.


The main thing I am thankful for with waivers is the fact that school starts at 11:08 for me every A-day, and I am able to sleep in. As we have learned in AP Psychology, sleep is critical in the development and everyday functionality of humans. While most kids are yawning and struggling to keep their eyes open at school, I feel refreshed and am able to stay focused throughout the entire school day.


Waivers have helped turn me into an efficient and well-rested student, and for that I am thankful.