Don’t thank the player, thank the coach

Rebekah Campbell

The sports programs here at Liberty would not be able to exist without the players but most importantly, the coaches. Coaches don’t get the amount of thanks that they deserve whether it’s the time they spend on their team or their knowledge they have to give and as players or fans, we deserve to give more gratitude.

To start, the coaches spend endless hours perfecting each and every player’s game not only during the season, but also during the off season. Bystanders may only see the coaches during the games while they instruct their players, but they don’t see these endless hours that they spend trying to get the player to play at the ability they are able to whether that’s on the court, field, pool, or wherever. Coaches dedicate a large amount of time to their sport which a lot of the time goes unrecognized.

During these endless hours, the coaches also use their extended amount of knowledge about their sport and a lot of the times as players or fans, we undermine this. Not only have they already spent a great deal of their time trying to coach their players, but now their decisions are being questioned? We need to see that they know a lot more than us, some even spending their time to go to clinics to learn even more about their sport.

The Liberty sports program would not be the same without our dedicated coaches, which is why I am thankful for them.