The most interesting man in the world

Ollie Janders

My freshman and junior year here at Liberty gave me the opportunity to what I see as one of the best teachers here at Liberty. Mark Buchli, physical science, chemistry and physics teacher, as well as a father at home, and a very active member at the Issaquah School District, dedicates his time giving to others. His classes are extremely difficult; he tediously grades lab reports, frequently hands out quizzes and always gives out homework. But these late nights spent doing a lab report and spending countless hours of frustration on homework made me a far more prepared for the rest of my high school years. His classes are always unexpected. The blog on his website may say we are doing an experiment to find the relation between pressure and volume of a gas, but when we get there it may turn into a lecture on the big bang theory, or how good the girl’s soccer team is. These topics then stem into stories that go further and further away from what was actually suppose to be done that day. It’s these random, unexpected events that are all a part of “Mr. B’s world of wonders.” His class keeps everyone awake and on task, making it very fun to be in. Everyone here at Liberty who has had him as a teacher can tell you a story about him. His crazy punch lines like “holy smokin’ gypsies!” and “come on down for a dog and pony show!” are some of famous ones here at Liberty. Not only is he hilarious, Buchli is one of the smartest people I have ever met. He knows everything about anything, and I thank him for teaching me so much. He has made me a far better student and can turn any average day into the most interesting one.