The Continuing Benefit of the Library, Despite Troubles

Galen Posch

With construction and space restrictions, the library this year has fallen on difficult times. Yes, it’s about 1/4th the size it was last year, and we all know it has become the butt of certain jokes. Yet the library – even in its diminished state – has proved invaluable to me this school year.

            Perhaps borne out of the lack of time that comes with the increased workload of junior year, but more likely simply borne out of a poor work ethic, I often find my work for the next period during lunch unfinished. At these difficult times, the library has shined as my sole refuge for finishing the small assignments I have neglected to do; I estimate that at least a quarter of my lunches have been spent working in the library.

            I give thanks to the library for the positive effect it has had on my grades, for saving me from my own flaws, and for continuing to exist. Though it may have shrunk in size this year, it has grown in its contributions to me.

            Given the amount of people I come across in the library as I do my work, I know that I am not alone in the benefits I have received from the library. Both I and others have been dependent on the library this year, and we all have reason to thank it.