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Thanks to the people behind the scenes

The lights go down, the sound comes up, the Curtin opens and onstage you see a carefully placed setting,  get the picture?  I’m describing a play, but none of that had anything to do with acting.  All of what I just described was the work of people behind the scenes, and without it all no play wouls be complete.

Chances are that most people at Liberty have had the chance to see one of the Patriot Players productions at some point in their high school career, but if you have you have probably missed seeing our excellent stage crew.

The stage crew works like a well oiled machine; taking care of scene changes, prop management, light and sound cues and so much more.  They wait back stage, expected to know their cues just as well as any of the actors.

Outside of shows and tech week, which are both major time commitments, the stage crew also comes in outside of school hours to help design the sets.  Stage managers also go above and beyond by going to every rehearsal and taking notes, often leaving after everyone else.

The Patriot Players’ stage crew is an integral part of the Liberty drama family that often doesn’t get to receive the same recognition as the actors, as their job is behind the curtains.

Their job is to make the people on the stage look good, and if 13 nominations at state is anything to go by then I’d say that they are doing a pretty good job.  So thank you to all the Liberty stage crew for making our wonderful productions possible.