Thank you Mr. Bus Driver

KD Kerstetter

   It takes a great deal of strength, patience, and will power to deal with an angsty teenager, but imagine having to deal with a bus full! We can be rude and obnoxious, especially when it has been a bad day, but why does the bus driver deserve to be the brunt of our frustration? They don’t deserve it, but they brush it off and continue to pick us up every morning at the promised time, when they could be warm and asleep in their own bed.

   They pick up our garbage, wait for us when we are running late, and make sure we are protected while crossing the road. But why would they do all of these things when we are ultimately so unappreciative? They care for the kids they are driving, it is not just about the pay check and getting off at three in the afternoon, because lets be honest, they could get the same pay somewhere else where their work is much more appreciated.

   In a typical day, a bus driver must wake up in the wee hours of the morning, very often rising before the moon has descended from the sky and the sun has begun to take its place. They pick up each bus stop load of kids, cheerfully saying “Good morning” to each child as they climb up the steps of the bus. After promptly delivering the first load of kids they clean up the bus and do it all over again. Very seldom do they receive thanks from the students they drive, so here is to you, Mr. Bus Driver, thank you for the ride!