Three cheers for administration

Zach Bunch

Construction sucks.

It’s no secret that the consensus among Liberty students is that construction has had a negative impact on school this year. The hallways are more crowded, parking spaces are much farther, we have no commons and no library, there are no real assemblies, and the list goes on.

But rather than complain, we should give credit to this year’s administration for the way they’ve handled the construction. Although it may not always seem like it, they are doing the best they can to make construction manageable and make this year the best that in can be.

Take assemblies for example. Due to a fire code that prohibits all 1200 of us from being in the gym at the same time while two of the exits are blocked, our school leaders didn’t give up. They had us do the opening assembly on the field. We were still able to do a Homecoming assembly, just not as a whole school. And we may not get a winter sports assembly, but we’re still going to have a video that will provide some consolation.

And what about parking? Last year the situation was horrendous. Many students had to park in an area known as “BFE” until we lost that to the construction, causing the streets to become littered with students’ parked cars, some as far as Briarwood Elementary. But the staff came up with the car pooling system, and thanks to hard work over the summer, our back parking lot is the best it has ever been. You can thank the administration for helping us out with that one.

The point that I am trying to make is this: we need to be more grateful with how construction is being handled at our school, because the administration has done a pretty good job. Hats off to the them.