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Portables are a blessing in disguise

Signe Stroming

November 22, 2013

As an unfortunate bi-product of construction, many teachers and their classes have been forced out of their comfortably sized classrooms, and transplanted into the loathsome portables. These portables struggle to fit a whole class inside, quickly becoming cramped with desks, students, and backpacks on...

Thanks Mrs. Jones

Ellie Hohensinner

November 19, 2013

For the majority of people throughout Liberty, this wonderful woman as Educational Assistant Mrs. Jones, but to me she is Aunt Kathy. Kathy Jones does so much to contribute throughout Liberty, and she does not receive enough credit for her many roles. She wears so many hats throughout the day, and...

Thankful for reconstruction

Sara Bluhm

November 19, 2013

Reconstruction:  when many students here at Liberty hear the word they cringe or mutter words of anger under their breath.  Few see the reconstruction of liberty for what it is, opportunity. Currently there are thirty-eight portables holding classes in place of an actual school building, but with the...

Thanks, teachers

Neil Chakravarty

November 19, 2013

After thinking long and hard about who most deserves a shout-out this Thanksgiving season, I decided upon all of the Liberty teachers who genuinely care about what they teach every day in class. Now it would be very easy for someone to counter that my choice is in fact too broad to make any one person...

Thanks, Valach

Nate Jarvis

November 19, 2013

Throughout all of my years at liberty many people have contributed to my success as a student and an athlete. But the most influential people would be my football coaches. Each individual person pushes me in their different ways. Coach Hall is always the one that brings this certain intensity to practice...

Thanks, staff

Jordan Carlson

November 19, 2013

Finally, the best part of the day has arrived. Two periods are out of the way and its lunch time. The cafeteria fills with people; the lunch lines extend half way down the corridor. Groups of people are leaving to go to Jack in the Box, or maybe Ezelles, or possibly even Kami Teriyaki. But who are the...

Providing opportunities – and putting up with us

Galen Posch

November 19, 2013

Construction has brought with it numerous casualties; every 500 building classroom, the library, the 600 wing, the old gym, the old lunch room, and many more. Only within the past year have we begun to see the results of our suffering. One part of Liberty that has undoubtedly, visibly benefited from...

Thank you, Mrs. Cooke

Sydney Dybing

November 19, 2013

I don’t give myself very many breaks. I often stay up ridiculously late to get my homework done, and part of the reason I’ve been able to remain sane so far in this school year is because of my seventh period TA with Ms. Cooke. The definition of a TA varies from teacher to teacher. For some, it’s...

Good job, band

Shannon Heckt

November 19, 2013

Being that it is my senior year, I have found that I value each day of band class more and more as it comes closer to my last. I started playing the trumpet in sixth grade, as did many students tried to master the random instrument they chose. Even though I threatened to quit after almost every year...

Thanks Mrs. Cooke!

Jeremy Stroming

November 19, 2013

Perhaps my friends in journalism will consider it treasonous, but this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Yearbook ringleader Amy Cooke. In truth, I only know her in the context of European History and American Government classes. It was not until this year that I truly appreciated all she does. Mrs....

Thank you, providers of a clean cafeteria

Trevor Sytsma

November 18, 2013

During the last five minutes of our beloved lunch period, they roll garbage and recycle bins around the room, friendly grins on their faces, and stop at each individual table to dispose of our half-eaten sandwiches, slimy banana peels, and food-stained plastic bags. Every day the janitors are there,...

The joy of having wednesday mornings

Stephanie Hays

November 18, 2013

Wednesday’s are the best day of the school week. They are a time to catch up on sleep or do some extra homework; they are a time to hang out with friends before school and be refreshed for the school day instead of having your eyes weighted down from sleep deprivation. Wednesdays are what I am thankful...

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