Providing opportunities – and putting up with us

Galen Posch

Construction has brought with it numerous casualties; every 500 building classroom, the library, the 600 wing, the old gym, the old lunch room, and many more. Only within the past year have we begun to see the results of our suffering. One part of Liberty that has undoubtedly, visibly benefited from construction this year has been the Career Center.

As a senior busy with college applications and many AP classes, it’s hard for me to express just how much the career center has helped me this year. I suspect it has, in fact, always been this useful, but the fact that this year it is positioned much more visibly has made the utility of the career center much clearer.

In the career center, there are huge amounts of resources on colleges: where they are, what they’re like, how to pay. In addition, the career center has hosted incredibly helpful events not only in helping students to go through the application process in the form of essay support and providing information on colleges, but they have provided good opportunities in college visits for students to make direct contact with the colleges – something highly valued by some colleges when looking at potential applicants.

Perhaps I’m most thankful for the career center in that it’s willing to put up with us during our senior waiver. The career center provides a good place for seniors on waiver to do work, whether they are responsibly getting their work done ahead of time, or they procrastinated and their homework is due next period. Moreover, we’ve perhaps not been the best guests in the career center. In spite of all the noise we make, sometimes during college visits, they’ve thankfully been willing to let us to continue to work there.