Thanks, Valach

Nate Jarvis

Throughout all of my years at liberty many people have contributed to my success as a student and an athlete. But the most influential people would be my football coaches. Each individual person pushes me in their different ways. Coach Hall is always the one that brings this certain intensity to practice that pushes all of the players to do their best. Whenever he yells and screams it’s always because he knows that we can do better. I know that he always expects us to do our best because he knows that we have the potential to be great. He has always been committed to the football program, year round he is in the weight room dedicating himself to making every player get better in the offseason.

Along with coach hall probably the most influential person to my success and the success of many of my teammates currently and the players before me would have to be Coach Steve Valach. He always strives to not only have his players become good football players but to also become great men. This year he taught us key lessons that will help us be good men in the future. His introduction of the meaning of being a R.O.C.K. has changed my perspective on the way I need to live my life. He is always saying that “That which we believe to be true about ourselves will ultimately become true.” He means that we need to visualize what is necessary to becoming a great man, friend or teammate.

I would like to thank Coach Valach for all of the things he has taught me over my years at liberty. Without his leadership and guidance I wouldn’t be the type of person I am today. I would be speaking for all of my teammates when I say that coach Valach has touched our lives in a different way. I am happy that I got to play under such a great coach.