Thankful for reconstruction

Sara Bluhm

Reconstruction:  when many students here at Liberty hear the word they cringe or mutter words of anger under their breath.  Few see the reconstruction of liberty for what it is, opportunity. Currently there are thirty-eight portables holding classes in place of an actual school building, but with the pace of the construction workers the main school building will be in full effect by this time next year.

I have been caught in a school undergoing construction since seventh grade, just barely missing the new Maywood.  When visiting the Maywood campus anyone would see how beautiful, clean and maintained the new building is. Everyone who attends shows a sense of pride in calling it their own school. With the reconstruction, all students at Liberty High will have that very opportunity.

A new building can mark fresh start for Liberty as a whole where the students can be more united and the chant “We are one” will ring with truth through the halls. Lately students have become more isolated due to the fact we are constantly separated from a large portion of the student body, but with the new building we will be whole once more.

I’m thankful not only for the unity and atmosphere that the reconstruction will bring, but also for the fact we will only have to tolerate one winter in the portables. With the new building comes a cover over our heads while walking from class to class as well as a brand new heating system. It may seem hard for now, but it will pay off in the long run because we will be one once again and no one will be able to hide our patriot pride.