Thanks, staff

Jordan Carlson

Finally, the best part of the day has arrived. Two periods are out of the way and its lunch time. The cafeteria fills with people; the lunch lines extend half way down the corridor. Groups of people are leaving to go to Jack in the Box, or maybe Ezelles, or possibly even Kami Teriyaki. But who are the valiant brave people that stay behind? Who is it that holds down the school while we are all gone or distracted? Who are the behind the scenes characters that make everything revolved around lunch happen? Yes that’s right the lunch ladies and the Janitor Team and Officer Montavo. All the students give recognition to the teachers and administrators but the other staffs don’t really get respected as much. Mainly to freshmen and sophomores, the lunch ladies are responsible for the food you eat. Honestly, the pizza here is a rock and does not taste real. But complaining about it doesn’t make sense. Lots of people don’t even have pizza to eat or have a school where they can eat pizza that they don’t have. Also, all the food and trash you leave behind gets taken care of and thrown into the garbage the awesome Janitor team. The school gets really dirty throughout the day, but the next morning it’s shiny and new again. That’s right the Janitors are spending their entire day cleaning up the school for you. Help them out and do them a favor by throwing your trash in the garbage and putting away recycle. I am thankful for the Janitors. After all who would like to sit at a table that had yesterday’s Macaroni and Cheese and half drunken milk cartons? I wouldn’t. Lastly there is good old’ officer Montavo holding down the fort as always making sure we are all safe and protected. Montavo I thank you for your service, you are an awesome chill cop that great at his job. Your car is also super legit. Thank you Staff you are a huge contribution to our school.