Thanks Mrs. Cooke!

Jeremy Stroming

Perhaps my friends in journalism will consider it treasonous, but this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Yearbook ringleader Amy Cooke. In truth, I only know her in the context of European History and American Government classes. It was not until this year that I truly appreciated all she does.

Mrs. Cooke has been a constant presence at Liberty for many years, and hopefully many more to come. Looking back to the start of my sophomore year, I realize that I would not have had success in higher level English and Social Studies classes without the strong base in analytical reading and writing that Mrs. Cooke helped developed. Every tough multiple choice question on her tests seemed frustrating at the time, but valuable in retrospect. One-on-one writing conferences helped me truly understand how to bring insightful evidence and clear analysis into my essays.

Beyond pure academics, I find her straightforward, unfiltered attitude refreshing and fun. She is so relatable, I am always up for an impromptu conversation with her about any topical issue, whether it’s the lack of political participation among young people, or the snow forecast for skiing on the upcoming weekend. Liberty would be less colorful without the proverbial “list of things Cooke hates”. Would bro-tanks really be that popular without an opposing force? When it comes to serious or frustrating issues like the change in social studies curriculum and new civics program, Mrs. Cooke doesn’t complain (at least vocally) and carries on doing what she does best: inspiring students.

Maybe that daily Diet Dr. Pepper has some magical properties that make her such a wonderful person…then again probably not; I still think it’s weird to drink soda that early in the morning.