Good job, band

Shannon Heckt

Being that it is my senior year, I have found that I value each day of band class more and more as it comes closer to my last. I started playing the trumpet in sixth grade, as did many students tried to master the random instrument they chose. Even though I threatened to quit after almost every year of band saying “This is it. I’m done.” I am glad that I have stuck with it until the end. It has been the most amazing experience growing up with all these people. Now it truly feels as if we are a family. We bicker, laugh, and work hard together just like any other dysfunctional family would. No matter what we say or do in the end we come together to perform music. Our new fearless leader Jared Tanner has quickly become a part of the band family and we are very happy to have him here to guide us. Whether you’ve been here since the awkward middle school years or just joined us this year we are glad you are here and love music the way we do. When graduation rolls around I will miss my band family most of all and I hope that more people will join and have as a good and memorable experience I as have. I will always remember my times in band and hope that I will always be able to have music in my life.