The joy of having wednesday mornings

Stephanie Hays

Wednesday’s are the best day of the school week. They are a time to catch up on sleep or do some extra homework; they are a time to hang out with friends before school and be refreshed for the school day instead of having your eyes weighted down from sleep deprivation. Wednesdays are what I am thankful for at school.

I have a lot of friends who don’t understand why students at Liberty have a late start on Wednesday mornings, and they often express how much they would like the opportunity to sleep in on Wednesday mornings as well. They would relish in the extra couple hours of sleep, and the alertness they would have at school as a result.

Wednesday mornings are a solace during the week. They are a time for students to relax, let their body energize, be ready for the day ahead and the last two days of the week.

But what I love most about Wednesday mornings is coming to school in the morning before the bell has rung. It’s a time at school where students aren’t causing chaos, running around, or being annoying. There are just a couple of students milling around, talking quietly, making it the perfect environment to finish up last minute homework, and start reading that book your English teacher just assigned.

Wednesdays aren’t commonplace in schools like students here may believe. They are something that was designed with the students in mind, and they have become the perfect day in the middle of the week that allows students time to refresh themselves and clear their minds. Wednesdays therefore, are something I am very thankful for.