Ella Buono

Ella Buono

Stella Roberts, Creative Director

“When I started high school, I really wanted to provide for people. I decided then that my purpose in life is to serve and help others.”

From ASB executive board to captain of the girl’s golf team, senior Ella Buono has made it her mission to not only get involved at Liberty but to do her part to make it an inclusive and compassionate environment. She got her start in ASB, joining the class sophomore year as a director before winning class elections two years in a row. This school year, she worked as the executive board female senator, her role crucial when it came to planning school events such as homecoming and spirit weeks. She is also known for her artistic skills in the class, creating beautiful posters and decorations that are seen throughout the halls. ASB provided an outlet for Buono to pursue her interests, challenging her to put herself out there.

“ASB made me feel more involved with the school as a whole in addition to just being part of the class,” Buono said.

Being such a prominent member in ASB gave leeway for Buono to make a greater impact in the Liberty community. At the end of her sophomore year, she was invited to join Patriot Crew, an organization comprised of upperclassmen to help incoming freshmen adjust to the high school environment. Driven by the passion for teamwork and compassion, Buono jumped on the opportunity, wanting to help more people feel welcome in the Liberty community.

“Patriot Crew reinforced how important it is to encourage newcomers into a group. I wanted to support this culture that was not only encouraging but accepting of everyone,” said Buono.

Buono wanted to carry this mentality into her participation in sports at Liberty. Originally starting with volleyball, Buono transitioned to girl’s golf her sophomore year. Hard work and persistence contributed to her outstanding success on the team, her first year alone achieving varsity status. By the time second season was over, Buono had made it to the state tournament and had been elected team captain.

“It felt really good to be a captain. People knew that I wanted that and that I wanted to do that for them,” Buono said. “I really wanted to build more families and teams while in school. I got that in so many different places.”

Buono’s heavy involvement in the Liberty community gave her the courage to go after what she wanted. Freshmen biology confirmed her interest in human anatomy and cellular function, encouraging her to join sports medicine, known as sports med. The class deepened her interest, affirming her dream to study epidemiology. Buono eventually went on to compete at the sports med competition and tied for eighth place in the anatomy and physiology event.

For Buono, her next step will be pursuing a career in the medical science field. This fall, she will attend the University of Washington, with direct admission into their biochemistry program. She wants to continue providing for others and she believes the best way to do that is in the medical field.

No matter what, Buono will continue to help and serve others.

“One of the things that I have come to really believe in is something I call ‘do good recklessly’. It’s about just having fun and making someone else have a smile on their face. That’s my goal, it’s what I have to give to others. Overall, the greatest gift you can give to someone is making them feel like they belong.”