Nathan Jackson, Editor In Chief

They sign you up for classes, write letters of recommendation, help you when you need it most, and get a fraction of the thanks they deserve. Know who I’m talking about?

Liberty’s counselors complete the gargantuan task of giving students most of the class they want, while ensuring that there are no conflicts between classes. Sound hard? Try doing that for 1400 students. Every class you loved was given to you because our counselors threaded the proverbial needle when giving us classes. And if you hated a class, they are more than happy to try and give you an alternative to improve your high school experience.

They don’t just improve them in solely academic ways, though. When you have a problem and you can’t talk to anyone about it, the counselors are there to help. They are not only confidants (which are practically non-existent in high school), but they help you out, give advice, try and work through the problem with you. 

And when the time finally comes to apply to college, the counselors will not only help you through the labyrinthine process, but also write you a letter of recommendation. Just for this action alone our counselors deserve endless praise. They do this for every single senior, aiding them with their post-high school plans and ensuring that they’ll succeed beyond 12th grade.

Liberty’s counselors make high school work. Through them, they give every single student a fantastic, individualized high school experience where they can succeed. So, to our counselors, thank you for everything you do.