Thank you Mr. Thruelsen

Olivia Briggs, Editorial Board Member

The day’s been hard. You’ve already had chem and ap world today, and going to algebra 2 does not sound inviting.

You drag your feet through the door only to be greeted by a loud “Hello!”. You snap your gaze up and Mr. Thruelsen is standing there with a big smile on his face.

Feeling a little better, you sit down at your desk and put your head down on the desk until the bell rings. You look up and notice, on the wall, a skeleton named Gary wearing a santa hat. He waves at you.

You look at the board, but Mr. Thruelsen hasn’t started class yet. He’s stamping the homework. Panic rushes through you. You didn’t do it. It was a rough night.

You pull it out and hurry to finish it. It’s done in ten minutes, and you’re surprised you had the time, but you’re more relaxed.

Thruelsen finally finishes stamping, including your paper, and asks for any questions. You don’t ask. It was relatively easy, so you have time to work on the homework you got in chem.

Finishing it before the lesson starts, there’s so much weight taken off your shoulders. You look up, feeling ready to start learning, and notice a spongebob figurine on the projector. A bit of air rushes out your nose.

Mr Truelsen stares blankly at the first question for a moment, and then suddenly jumps into the lesson, and it’s actually fun.