Late Start Wednesdays

Aurora Bryan, Editorial Board Member

Late start Wednesdays really don’t get the recognition they deserve. School is tiring and I honestly don’t know if I would be able to get through the week if there wasn’t that perfectly placed, mini-break right in the middle of it. Late start Wednesdays give students the opportunity to get that little bit of extra sleep, break up the monotony of day-to-day routine, and finish up any last minute homework.

I know I’m not alone when I say that sometimes, most of the time if we’re being honest, it’s really hard to get out of bed so early in the morning. Not only that, but the more often you do it, the harder it gets. Wednesdays allow students to get a bit more of that much needed sleep to get through the rest of the week. 

They’re placement right in the middle of the week is also great because it gives you a break from the monotony that comes with day-to-day school life. It feels good to change up the routine and not feel like you’re just repeating the same steps every day. 

However, if you are a morning person, and find that you can’t sleep past your normal wakeup time, Wednesday mornings are the perfect time to finish any last minute homework or cram for that test you have in first period. All in all, late start Wednesdays are an inspired idea and I am very thankful for them.