The Library

Hannah Kim, Editorial Board Member

As a kid, I always enjoyed going to the library and checking out books, but I never realized how much I appreciated having a space to learn and indulge myself into a good book. Now, as a high school student I value the library even more than I did as a kid. 

For me, the library has become more than a place where I have rushed to finish homework and print work, it has become a place where I can go for a minute of peace and relaxation during a stressful school day.

The peaceful environment of the library is also the perfect place to study and help others. There is no other place at Liberty where books and computers are readily available for students to use anytime they please.

A lot of people do not appreciate libraries anymore, especially our own library at Liberty. Not every school has access to such a clean and well stocked library. We are so lucky that we have such a nice one to depend on. 

I appreciate the endless amount of books and materials available at our library. I am thankful that there is a space at liberty that is so easily accessible and peaceful for anyone to study and work.