Thank you Mrs. Wood

Emma Decasa, Editorial Board Member

“Sing your heart out.” Some people may recall this as an old quote found on some cheesy home decor frame but for Mrs. Robin Wood, this saying is the embodiment of her life. 

Despite having spent many years in choir, every day I’m even more grateful for Liberty’s very own choral director, Mrs. Wood. 

Each year, she steps up her game and pushes her choirs to the next level. Whether that’s by giving us a twenty-three-minute musical piece to learn and perform on one of the nation’s most prestigious stages, or by giving us math problems consisting of music notes, she motivates her students to be their best selves. 

Having been in the performing industry for years, Mrs. Wood is a dedicated musician and teacher and she proves it every day by dedicating herself to her work. 

 She claims that she learns new things from us every day and we can certainly say the same about her. We get to hear stories of her life before teaching, from working at Disney to performing on different stages, and we feel inspired to chase our own dreams. She is living proof that reaching a so-called “impossible” goal is possible. 

She’s proud to say that her students spend their time trying to leave a positive imprint on the world and we’re proud to say that we’re inspired and driven to do so because of her. So, thank you, Mrs. Wood, for giving us a place to be ourselves and feel accepted in a choir of strangers turned friends.