8-period schedule

Matthew Rubenstein, Online Editor

While Liberty is better than Skyline and Issaquah High School in a variety of ways, one advantage that stands out above the rest is our unique 8-period block schedule.

It’s a perk of our school that we take completely for granted, sometimes complaining about how things like long classes are. But we forget what long classes give us the opportunity to do: for a math teacher to go over homework and get through content, or for a social studies teacher to go on an interesting tangent about an obscure fact, or for a literature teacher to have an in-depth discussion, or for a science teacher to actually get through a lab in one period.

Sure, the 8-period schedule may not be right for everyone. But I think I speak for the majority of Liberty that at some point in high school, they signed up for an elective that they didn’t know much about, because they had an extra class slot – and they ended up loving it. Maybe it was ROTC, or Culinary Arts, or DECA. I took Journalism because I had an extra spot to fill; it’s now my favorite class at Liberty. And I know I’m not alone in that sentiment.

This holiday season, I want to take a moment to say thanks for this amazing system, that over my four years at Liberty, has given me so many new skills. I’m glad that I had the chance to experience all that high school has to offer.