Thank you Cheer Coaches

Rachel Matteson, News Editor

Julie Hicks and Camille Wright, the Liberty Cheer coaches, are the best driving forces for a cheerleader. Julie Hicks, the JV coach, is a fun, compassionate leader. She is always lighthearted and makes the people around her smile through her jokes. She puts her best effort into supporting JV and making sure they succeed. 

Coach Wright, the varsity coach, is a strong, driven person. At practices, she is always eager to get started so we can progress in learning cheers. While she can come off as serious, she just wants the best for the team. She gives a clear direction of what she wants us to achieve and helps us to achieve it. If she wants us to perfect a stunt, she’ll show us how and we’ll get it done. 

Both of the coaches, while very different, work together in harmony. Their different personalities work together and support the cheerleaders in various different ways. The balance between them is perfect. We can have fun while also receiving the direction needed to pursue excellence. 

Both Coach Hicks and Coach Wright are one-hundred percent dedicated to the entire program. They’re great coaches and do their jobs to their fullest capacity. 

They don’t always get the appreciation they deserve, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.