The pride of a Patriot

Mandy Latham, Staff Writer

The second the soul of your shoe hits the cement of the school on a Friday morning dressed from head to toe in white ready to shriek in pride for your class. The sounds of the busses and cars from the far honking as they enter the school and the bell schedule altered to appease the assembly.

Every period of the day before the assembly just drags on until the final bell rings and the hallways fill with students rushing to find a seat. Being bumped around by the upper classmen and the curiosity of the unknown homecoming assembly is so exciting.

Once you have taken your seat in the crowded gym and look around you realize how different this is from middle school. The hyped up adrenalin rush of doing something new thrills you into wonder what’s going to happen next.

It begins with the whole gym mumbling amongst them and when the ASB takes the floor to explain what is happening the unknown becomes the known.  From the pain stacking screaming of “V I C T O R Y” to the “freshman power” chant, the knowledge of not speaking for a week hits you like a wrecking ball.

The schools split into classes fighting against each other for the power but once they reach the stadium they unite as one defending our team against the rival. Our spirit as we are all enthralled with a game that most of us don’t understand but still our pride takes control as we hope to win.

Being a freshman in a world of pride can be so exhilarating.

So all in all I am thankful for every one of those students who shriek for their school until their voices crack because that is what high school is all about, we are all about the school pride.