Thankful for Liberty’s eight period schedule

Tyra Christopherson, Opinion Editor

Although many things set Liberty apart from our sister high schools in the Issaquah School District, one of the most striking differences is our 8-period schedule. While Skyline and Issaquah confine their students with a 6-period schedule, we Liberty students have freedom to explore a wider breadth of classes.


Over the course of our high school careers, we take eight more classes than our counterparts in the other high schools. That’s equivalent to more than a whole year of classes at those schools!


Think of all the classes that can be taken in eight extra periods: a third—or even fourth—year of Spanish, orchestra, culinary arts, yearbook, guitar making, ceramics, DECA, and more.


Are you a science person? Double up on science. Are you musically inclined? Take band in addition to choir. Are you still searching to find your passion? Take a range of electives to discover what you love. There is plenty of space in our eight periods to accommodate students’ desires, no matter what they are.


Younger students may not be aware, but Liberty’s eight periods were not always as secure as they are now. When the current seniors were little freshmen, our special schedule was under harsh scrutiny from the district and some parents, teachers, and students at Liberty. An ongoing debate lasted through the year, but ultimately the block schedule prevailed. It was a close call though, and it was a reminder that we shouldn’t take our 8-period schedule for granted.


Had Liberty’s schedule indeed been switched to mirror Skyline’s and Issaquah’s six periods students would have to pick and choose between classes, likely having to drop classes that they had eagerly anticipated because there simply would not be enough time available in their schedule to work them in.


It’s easy to complain about school and all the homework, stress, and sleepless nights that come with it, but this Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for this unique aspect of our school: our 8-period schedule.