Tough teachers deserve our thanks, too

Christina Tuttle, Editor-In-Chief

We’ve all had that teacher: the one who you can never impress, the one whose tests you spend hours studying for. Every time you step into their class, you can almost feel your heart–and your grade– drop. But these tough teachers are some of the most underappreciated members of the Liberty community.

We act like teachers are the embodiment of the class, so when we don’t understand something we blame the teacher even though we’re actually frustrated with ourselves. We blame toguh teachers for keeping us up at night to study and complete our assignments. However, our time commitment to their class often pales in comparison that they put into lesson plans, writing quizzes, and correcting homework.

Although “easy-A” classes are usually my favorites, I can barely recall anything that I’ve learned in an easy class. On the other hand, I can still recite entire passages from last year’s AP Human Geography textbook.

Easy classes might be more enjoyable, but they aren’t nearly as rewarding. Tough teachers push you to work harder and understand the material. They force us to actually learn, instead of just cramming for a test the night before. After completing a class with a tough teacher, I’m always amazed by how much my skills have improved.

Tough teachers always expect the best out of us, so we learn to set high standards for ourselves. Once you finally learn how to succeed in the class, you feel a huge sense of accomplishment, and you can be proud of yourself just for completing the class. I’ve learned much more than just class material from my tough teachers. I’ve learned how to manage my time, focus on my work, and set manageable goals.

So, next time you’re cursing that teacher for assigning a 6 page essay, think about how much you have learned and will continue to learn from that guidance.