Werre’s secret stash is an oasis for students

Betsy Faris, News Editor

Ugh not again. You’re wearing a skirt and you completely forgot to put on moisturizer after shaving your legs. The whole point of wearing a skirt is to show off those shiny legs that are supposed to glow like the diamonds they are, but now they look like ashy, barren concrete. Your hair is also looking a little, erm, messy and you want to stick it up. But alas, you can never find hair ties when you actually need them.
But Werre, literally an angel in this problematic place we call school, has got it all. She has hair ties and bobby pins galore, bottles upon bottles of moisturizer for your legs, and not to mention tampons just in case you’re really in a bind. And while on the topic of tampons, she is always so considerate when it comes to cramps, allowing her students to take it easy that day.
Thank you Werre for the countless times many other students and I have needed your golden stache- you’ve saved me from multiple disasters. Thank you for never making me exchange an “I owe you.” I never have to promise to return what I borrow, which is a life saver so I don’t have to walk around the school with one shoe.
She keeps any lost and found items that look valuable, such as necklaces and earrings, which are easily forgotten in the rush to get ready after P.E. She saves those precious gems to alleviate stress when you realize your favorite necklace is gone.
This thoughtfulness and constant compassion makes for an understanding teacher who everyone adores not only for her exuberant Zumba dances, but for her uplifting spirt. Werre, you’re an actual goddess for saving me from the crisis that is my life.