Counselors provide someone to talk to

Allie Bowe, Focus Editor

Writing letters of recommendation, making sure everyone graduates on time, and helping students with their everyday stresses: the counselors’ at Liberty are incredibly helpful people that I wish I knew about before this year, because they have helped me more than I realized they could in just the last two months.

My personal experience that led me to be so thankful for my counselor happened this year when I was talking to her about my experiences so that she could write me a letter of recommendation. I’ve never thought of myself as above average, but as she kept asking me about all of the things I’ve accomplished, she would respond with how shocked she was at all that I have done.

Applying to colleges is stressful, especially when it seems like all of your friends have better qualifications than you, but Mrs. Hutchinson helped me realize all the unique things I have to offer. That was the biggest confidence boost I’ve had all year and it meant so much.

Other departments of counseling office like the mental health department have helped a countless number of my friends; it helps to talk to someone about your problems more than you might think. I’m so grateful for that part of the office, because it has helped people in ways that they might not even realize.

It may be hard for students to talk to their counselor’s–especially during the school day–but they are always there, eager to help us. I’m thankful that we have a program so willing to help with whatever we need, and that is consistently there to give encouraging words.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity that we have at Liberty to have such a supportive group of people. they are the best thing to be thankful for at Liberty that I have seen so far.