Thank you Liberty for the atmosphere of equality

Syler Radford, Focus Editor

This year the student body welcomed more gay and transgender students than in years past, and didn’t blink an eye. Knowing some of those individuals personally and seeing their unease in the first weeks of school showed how important it is for them to feel like they belong. The patriot body proudly welcomed them with open arms and unfaltering friendship. It’s hard to come out of the closet to a small group of friends, but suddenly the whole student body knowing takes a lot of courage and stress.

Each class is a guessing game of who to talk to or what the conversations mean, analyzing each word peers say trying to figure out if they are making fun or judging you. Watching for any sideways glares or whispers. Endlessly building scenarios in their head of dealing with bullies and the “what if’s” on their future as who they are.

I am proud to say the individuals didn’t receive a shred of bullying or a single sideways stare. They feel just as welcome here as everybody else and are truly part of “We are ONE”.

The student body is full of individuals who aren’t afraid to be themselves and show off their style. Personalities aren’t hiding anything and friend groups are always growing. Hair color is constantly changing and clothes styles range from the 1960s, to current, to whatever you feel most comfortable in. No matter the appearance or personality you are always welcome.

I am forever grateful for the ideal of “We are One” and how much Patriots stand by it. There is endless comradery despite the differences between each other. To be so welcoming to such an outstanding new society of individuals is something I’m proud of, and you should be to.