Singing my praise for Mrs. Wood

Valerie Adams, Feature Editor

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the superwoman of the PAC. I’m thankful for the woman that takes hours out of her lunch, sleep, and before/after school hours for her students. I’m thankful for the millions of copies of music that she makes. I’m thankful for choir director, Robin Wood.


Many people know that Mrs. Wood is dedicated to her students and that she does a lot to support the Liberty community, but do they know how dedicated? She runs four different choirs just here at Liberty and two more at Maywood; that’s six choirs in all resulting in over 100 students. She creates an individual bond with each student and gets to know him or her personally. Not only does this make her a better person, it makes it so much easier to tell her anything you need to say.


There aren’t enough ways to thank Mrs. Wood for the blood and sweat and tears that she puts in to her work. Last year, the Liberty Singers went on a trip to New York City. There were over 50 students on that trip; you can only imagine how much effort Mrs. Wood had to put into that to get her students there. Not only did she take the Liberty Singers across the country, she took the Concert Chorale (about 30 students) to Silverwood for a festival. Mrs. Wood seems like an Energizer Bunny. There’s no other explanation as to how she can put so much dedication into her work and still come to class every day with a huge smile and amazing attitude.


Her attitude is another part of why I’m thankful for her. I could be having a terrible day and just want to go home, but if I go to choir that day, my mood is turned around. Mrs. Wood’s seemingly infinite energy just brightens my day and motivates me to keep going.


So this is why this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for Mrs. Wood. I’m thankful for her class, the songs she gives us, but most importantly I’m thankful for who she is. Liberty couldn’t survive without Mrs. Wood and neither could I.